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The Gap Year Program

IGenPlus and Rishihood University have entered a partnership to launch the Gap Year Program for the first time in India. Taking a gap year can be a life-transforming experience for teenagers. To take forward our mission of leadership development in teenagers, we have partnered with Rishihood to launch this new idea in India.

We invite Indian families to explore this opportunity for students completing Class 12 in their circles. This is also a great platform for diaspora families to send their kids for an India immersion for 5-6 months in case they wish to spend their gap year in India. Liberal scholarships are available to cover the program expense.

The Gap Year Program is a journey especially designed for high-school graduates to explore the real world and the internal self by taking some time off, after completing the school and before entering college. One invests time in experimenting with diversified fields and subjects, honing their existing skills, taking up new activities, traveling extensively and working in the real world.

This program is most suitable for students who want to explore their interests before choosing a degree program or want to go abroad for their studies. It is a cushion between school education and university education and is designed to help students in making an informed choice at the right stage of their life.

Gap Year is a nine-month program. For the first six months, we will have different modules to include mindfulness, society, polity & culture, travel, money, entrepreneurship, industry & management, life skills, education, healthcare, technology, design, and career mentoring. The emphasis is on exploring different options across the fields by participating in hands-on workshops, meeting professionals, field visits, and interactive academic sessions. For the remaining three months, students will go for an internship/project. For more information, please have a look at this brochure.

About The Organisers

IGenPlus is a joint venture of Indic Academy and Gateway Education that intends to become an alternative education platform for young students. It aims at inculcating ancient wisdom, developing modern insights and building future dreams through workshops, festivals, cultural experiences, expeditions, conferences, and competitions. You may find out more about them here and read about other programs of IGenPlus here.

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