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Fellowship For Preparing A Directory Of Indological Studies

Directory Of Indological Studies

In order to build support systems for academic studies pertaining to Sanskrit, Indian Literature and Culture, Inter-Gurukula University Centre of Indic Academy would like to announce a short term fellowship for preparing a directory of Indological studies consisting of:

  1. Indological publishers in India and abroad
  2. Indological journals in India and abroad
  3. Indological authors in India and abroad
  4. Departments and their members focusing on Indological Studies in India and abroad in public and private academic institutions.


Apart from academic researchers, candidates qualified and/or experienced in Library/Information Science may also apply.

Remuneration shall be commensurate with the work and qualifications of the selected researcher.

Interested candidates may send the Statement of Interest expressing understanding of the project, proposed plan for the same along with the profile of the candidate to on or before 10th November, 2019.

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