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Essay Competition For Workshop On Indian Philosophy

The Indian philosophical tradition is one that goes back to time immemorial. Over the ages, various systems of philosophy flourished and grew on this land and thanks to their immense practicality and rigour, remains relevant even today. There is no doubt that Philosophy in India is an intensely intellectual, rigorously discursive, analytical and critical in it’s pursuit. It’s vitality has ensured that it survived even the darkest phases of history. In the modern era however, Indian philosophy is always evaluated through the western lens and has been portrayed as being pessimistic, highly intuitive and regressive. Our philosophy needs to be given a second look and investigated with the right perspective in order to keep the flame of intellectual pursuit alive.

Sanchi University is organizing a workshop to reexamine these narratives and give answers to some of the recent scholarship on Indian philosophy, while examining it from a modern perspective. Discussions will also be held regarding the Indian answers to modern days challenges such as environmental crisis, social conflicts, gender problem, terrorism and war.

The workshop is titled “Writing Indian Philosophy in Modern Perspective” and will be held from 25-29 September, 2018 in association with Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi at the Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies, Academic Campus, Vidisha.

More information about the workshop is available in this brochure.

Indic Academy is proud to sponsor the travel and registration fee of three students for an amount of Rs 10000 for each student.

If you wish to attend this workshop with sponsorship from Indic Academy, please write an essay on one of the following topics and send it to us at

1. The aims of Indian philosophy

2. Indian philosophy and Western philosophy – a comparative analysis

3. The Relevance of Indian philosophy in the modern world

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