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Documentation and Synthesis of Conference on Indigenous Environmentalism

In line with the Short-Term Research Fellowships announced under the Centre for Indigenous Sustainability (CIS), Indic Academy(IA) is offering a documentation project to those concerned with issues of environment & indigenous sustainability.   

On 16 and 17 May 2020, IA hosted a conference that has been described, by panelists and by participants, as a landmark gathering on environmental thought and practice. Panelists discussed the many connections between what is today commonly understood as ‘environment’, and Indic history, philosophy, and spiritual practice. This unique gathering brought the idea of environmentalism out of the conceptual space to which it has hitherto been assigned, and into a more natural setting. The documentation (for three months) will require engaging with the 26 speakers, eliciting the salient messages of their contributions to the conference, studying their papers and presentations (seeking elaborations where required), and writing a synthesis document that must be both the written record of the deliberations over two days, and also a Wayfinder for those seeking to study Indic environmentalism or base an economic activity in it. Participants’ questions, and answers to them, over the two days are also to find inclusion in the documentation.

The project, like the previous six, will be guided & mentored by the advisors to CIS- Rahul Goswami and Viva Kermani. 

Selected candidates will be suitably remunerated on a monthly basis. 

Please send in your CVs to with the topic name as the email subject and a short statement of interest as the cover note. 

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