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Developing Computational Tools For Sanskrit

The Department of Sanskrit Studies, University of Hyderabad, is engaged in developing computational tools for the analysis of Sanskrit texts following the Indian Grammatical Tradition.

Samsaadhanii ( is a tool which has many valuable features that could be used by a wide spectrum of researchers in Sanskrit and teaching. Currently the deployment of the project requires expertise and is on a server that requires manual input per sentence. A new project has been proposed to make deployment trivial by using virtual machines and provisioning scripts using tools like vagrant. A command line interface will also be developed to help with batch processing of texts along with implementing various features of the website.


  • Easy deployment: Currently successful application deployment involves cloning 3 git repositories, placing in folder structures, configuring them, compiling them and configuring the web server. This can be simplified to just installing a few dependencies spinning up a vm with all the provisioning steps in a shell script.
  • Command Line Interface: Taking note of the various features present in the website, command line tools will be developed. This will also help to create tools for batch processing of Sanskrit texts.

Indic Academy is proud to support this project by providing a grant to the scholars and IT experts who will be working on the project. The project will ensure that the tools will be made available on the desktop and mobile for the benefit of lay users.

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