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Call for Papers for a Conference on Philosophy and Praxis of Yoga



Inter Gurukula – University Center (IGUC)

Call for Papers for a Conference on

Philosophy and Praxis of Yoga:

 Issues of Authenticity, Integrity& Ingenuity

आगमेनानुमानेन ध्यानाभ्यासरसेन च |

त्रिधा प्रकल्पयन् प्रज्ञां लभते योगमुत्तमम् ||

āgamenānumānena dhyānābhyāsarasena ca

tridhā prakalpayan prajñāṁ labhate yogamuttamam

    Vyasabhashya on Patanjala Yoga Sutra


Vyasa, one of the chief commentators on the Patanjala Yoga Sutra states in unambiguous terms that

Uttama Yoga[1] (Highest form of Yoga) is attained by the insight (prajna) developed from the combination of the three components i.e. study of traditional yoga texts (agama); application of reasoning and analytical skills based upon them (anumana) and lastly by joy emerging from continual practice (abhyasa) and meditation (dhyana)

Never before has the practice of Yoga been so popular across the world. Therefore, today, when there is a Yoga studio in every corner of every big city, is the right time to ask the question whether current Yoga applications can lead us towards this Uttama or highest Yoga experience as envisaged by the ancient sages. The fashion of our times is to look at things in a compartmentalized and reductionist manner with yoga being no exception. For many yoga is a set of physical exercises promising health and fitness; for others it is an intellectual or academic analysis of texts with little reverence either for the tradition or for self-practice; for a few others sustaining the tradition or the lineage alone matters regardless of its relevance or application. Yoga as a sadhana leading to deep meditation or samadhi, its traditional meaning, is seldom understood. Current trends in the Yoga world, whether in the studios, Humanities Departments of Universities or traditional institutions depict the same picture, with only a few exceptions.

Such a situation warrants us to ask fundamental questions relative to the authenticity, integrity and ingenuity of the Yoga practices and teachings today. What defines Yoga, its meaning and its goal? Is it found in traditional Yoga or new modern Yoga applications? What defines authenticity in Yoga? How is integrity in practice sustained? To what extent is Yoga a group or an individual practice? What components make Yoga transformational and complete? What expressions of innovation in yoga practice and teaching are valid? Can Vyasa’s guideline offer us deep insights to answer these questions?

In this context, a two day conference on Philosophy and Praxis of Yoga: Issues of Authenticity, Integrity and Ingenuity is being organized by Indic Academy – Inter Gurukula – University Center and Indica Yoga. This proposed conference intends to explore the above mentioned issues bringing together scholars, practitioners (sadhakas), yoga gurus, scientists and yoga professionals.

 Conference Objectives:

  • To facilitate clarity of thought on the origins, development, definitions and purpose of Yoga and the greater Yoga tradition
  • To provide a comprehensive and integrated perspective on Yoga practice
  • To highlight the need for proper study and application of traditional Yoga texts
  • To establish the invariable link between the traditional texts, evidence-based studies and personal sadhana as the golden triad in the path of Yoga
  • To create and disseminate the awareness on the larger vision of Yoga as a Science of Consciousness at both individual and universal levels

Contours of exploration:

In line with the main theme the following sub themes are considered for exploration:

  • Origin and development of Yogic thought
    • Vedas & Upanishads
    • Ramayana & Mahabharata
    • Yoga Upanishads
    • Yoga Sutras & other classical sources
    • Tantric Yoga texts etc.
  • Continuity, exchange & dynamism in the Yoga tradition over the centuries
    • Vedic, Buddhist, Jaina, Tantra & Sikh traditions
  • Studies on Yogic texts
    • Rare texts
    • Tamil and other regional traditions etc.
  • Integral components of Yoga sadhana for body, mind and consciousness
    • Mantra
    • Yamas & Niyamas
    • Asana, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas & Kriyas
    • Tantra
  • Yoga & Complimentary Systems
    • Ayurveda
    • Vedanta
    • Samskritam
  • Yoga Psychology
    • Understanding of Consciousness and its manifestations
    • Chitta, vrittis and their functioning
    • Theories of Self & Personality
    • Cognition, Motivation & Emotions
    • Higher states of Consciousness
    • Self development, transformation & transcendence
    • Love, Compassion & Empathy
    • First person research approaches
  • Yogis, Mystics, their impact on masses and folk culture
  • Yoga , Music, Dance and other arts
  • Yoga and Martial arts
  • Yoga and its Applications
    • Education, Corporate, home making etc.
    • Health & Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness and Meditation based practices in Yoga
  • Space of knowledge transfer: Sanctity, Ethics, Attitude and Relationships, role of the Guru and Lineage
  • New frontiers in Yoga research and application (medical, scientific & experiential)
  • Modern Yogis and their contributions
  • Globalization of Yoga and its impacts
    • Authentic applications, innovations & distortions
    • Relationship with monotheistic traditions
    • Colonial, post colonial and contemporary perspectives
    • International Day of Yoga
    • Business and Industry of Yoga

Conference Dates: 15-16 Feb, 2020

Conference Venue: To be announced

 Who should participate?

  • Serious Yoga Practitioners (sadhakas)
  • Yoga professionals (Yoga teachers, students, therapists etc.)
  • Practitioners of Ayurveda, Vedanta systems
  • Academicians and Enthusiasts of Indic Knowledge Systems
  • Health and Wellness industry professionals

 Dates to remember:

Last date for Abstract Submission 30th November, 2019
Intimation on Acceptance 15th December, 2019
Last date for Full Paper Submission 20th January, 2020
Last date for registration for the Conference 10th February, 2020
Main Conference 15-16February, 2020

Conference Curators :Dr Nagraj Paturi, Director IGUC- Indic Academy and Vinayachandra Banavathy, Head of INDICA Yoga

About Organizers:

Indic Academy – IGUC acts as a hub for research, designing new courses & teacher training, workshops, seminars & conferences in Shastraas, Indic Knowledge Systems & Indology.

INDICA Yoga, being part of INDICA aspires to spread awareness about the deeper psychological, spiritual & life-transforming aspects of Yoga by creating & curating authentic, immersive & transformative yoga experiences across the world.

[1] Note: detachment and discrimination (vairagya and viveka) are usually part of abhyasa. Aim is realization of Self or Purusha beyond body, mind and all externality. That is the goal of uttama yoga. Abhyasa is the main factor, samadhi is the main pramana.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article belong to the author. Indic Today is neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in the article.

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