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Annual Summary of Indic Chats 2017-18

Indic Academy hosted the following webinars with eminent authors and Indic scholars regarding their bestselling books, latest releases and  their views on the Indic perspective.

30th April 2017 Prof Subhash Kak The Loom of Time
5th May 2017 Sumedha Verma Ojha Urnabhih & Ramayana
14th May 2017 Manish Jaitly Oh My Gods
21th May 2017 Aneesh Gokhale Brahmaputra
28th May 2017 Dimple Kaul Soul Call of Love & More
4th June 2017 Nithin Sridhar Musings on Hinduism
11th June 2017 Mayuresh Didolkar The Dark Road
18th June 2017 Kavita Kane Women in Indian Mythology
25th June 2017 Jijith Nandumuri Ravi Ancient Voice:Eternal Voice from the Past
2nd July 2017 Dr Pankaj Jain Dharma & Ecology
8th July 2017 Saiswaroopa Iyer Exploring the lesser known wonder women of Ancient India
16th July -2017 Shruti Bakshi From Dior to Dharma
23th July 2017 Manoshi Sinha Literature, Fiction, Religious Fiction
30th July 2017 Nilesh Oak Dating Mahabharata, Mystery of Arundhati
6th August 2017 DV Sridharan 70yrs of Independence
13th August 2017 Amish Tripathi Immortal India
20th August 2017 Ashay Naik Natural Enmity-Reflections on the Niti & Rasa of Panchatantra
27th August 2017 Gautam Chikarmane Tunnel of Varanavat – One year later
10th September 2017 Nityanand Misra Book – The OM Mala – Meanings of the Mystic Sound
10th September 2017 Abhijit Iyer Mitra & Deepika Ahlawat India of the Mind: Imagining alternative histories and struggles from the past
17th September 2017 Sahana Singh Book -The Educational Heritage of Ancient India
24th September 2017 Dr Syd Kishore Book – Semmanthaka: The second quest 
1st October 2017 Dr Makarand Paranjpe Gandhi Jayanti Special
8th October 2017 Anuradha Goyal Books & Reviews
22nd October 2017 Sriram Baalsubramanian JAMBA – The Joint Family
19th November 2017 Ashutosh Muglikar Demystifying GST through Socail Media


30th April 2017 – Abhinav Agarwal speaks to Prof Subhash Kak about his latest book The Loom of Time.

Prof Subhash Kak is an Indian American computer scientist. He is Regents Professor and a previous Head of Computer Science Department at Oklahoma State University–Stillwater who has made contributions to cryptography, artificial neural networks, and quantum information. Prof Subhash Kak has authored several book on subjects ranging from his own autobiography, to a collection of poems, art, architecture, astronomy, physics, Vedic science, history, Sanatana Dharma, music, mind and matter to name a few.

5th May 2017 – Sumedha Verma Ojha chats about her books Urnabhih & Ramayana.

Sumedha is a prominent Indic author, columnist and speaker. She is a former Indian bureaucrat and the author of the popular Mauryan series Urnabhih and  The Ramayana. Sumedha works in the area of translating and explaining the epics and bringing ancient Sanskrit/Prakrit literature into the modern world, also covering a gendered analysis of ancient India. 

14th May 2017 – Manish Jaitly chats about his book Oh My Gods and the books connection to the infamous JNU.

Manish Jaitly, retired as a Lieutenant Colonel after serving for more than 20 years in uniform. Most of his military service was in J&K. 995, he volunteered to serve in Siachen Glacier. Apart from the glacier, he has also seen action against Pakistan in Uri, Akhnoor and Gurez sectors. During the Kargil war, he was deployed in Baramulla. He has also seen action against the Chinese in Ladakh Scouts. Apart from J&K, he has also served in Rajasthan, Punjab and has had a stint in Army Headquarters as well. He retired from the army in Jan 2012. An alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, Manish Jaitly has worked in the corporate sector for a few years before quitting his job to pursue his passion for writing.

21st May 2017 – Aneesh Gokhale chats about his book Brahmaputra – Story of Lachit Barphukan’.

Aneesh Gokhale, born March 1988, completed his schooling in Pune and is currently working in merchant navy as a navigating officer. He has an avid interest in history , borne mainly out of trekking the Sahyadris – hills steeped in long bygone events. His previous book ‘Sahyadris to Hindukush’ was a historical novel based on rise of the Maratha empire.

28th May 2017 – Dimple Kaul chats about her book Soul Call of Love & More. 

Dimple Kaul is a poet, columnist and the author of the book Soul Call of Love & More – A Collection of Poems.

4th June 2017 – Nithin Sridhar chats about his book Musings on Hinduism. 

Nithin Sridhar is a civil engineer by profession. Musings on Hinduism marks his debut as an author. He is based out of Mysuru and has a keen interest in Politics, History, Religion, Culture  and Philosophy. He is also a self-professed enthusiast of Dharma and Vedanta.

11th June 2017 – Mayuresh Didolkar chats about his book The Dark Road.

Mayur Didolkar a former investment services professional and writer from Pune. He published his first novel Kumbhpur Rising during his early twenties. He is a popular columnist and speaks about his fair for writing thriller novels.

18th June 2017 – Kavita Kane chats about her book Women in Indian Mythology.

Kavita Kane is a bestselling author and a former journalist with the Times of India. She completed her post graduation in English Literature & Mass Communication from the University of Pune. Kavita debuted as an author with the best seller Karna’s Wife in the year 2013. Her other writings include books like Sita’s Sister (2014) , Menaka’s Choice (2015) and Lanka’s Princess (2016).

25th June 2017 – Jijith Nadumuri Ravi chats about his website and the concept behind Ancient Voice – Eteral Voice from the Past.

Jijith Nadumuri Ravi is the founder of the Website AncientVoice which contains 23500 pages on Mahabharata,Ramayana, the four Vedas and Vishnu Purana. His website contains ancient India maps, analysis articles, lineage maps, the full text of English translation of these texts in Wikified form with 7000 plus nouns analysed creating huge information networks of Indic texts. He is also a popular columnist who additionally hosts websites like Naalanda, Takshasila and RecentVoice, focusing on Greek, Avestan and Tamil literature. He was a former ISRO scientist (2001-2006) and an artist who loves to paint events from Mahabharata.

2nd July 2017 – Dr Pankaj Jain chats about his award-winning book Dharma and Ecology.

Dr. Pankaj Jain holds a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and an M.A. from Columbia University (both in Religious Studies). His book Dharma and Ecology won the 2012 DANAM Book Award and the 2011 Uberoi Book Award. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Philosophy & Religion. He has published articles in journals such as Religious Studies Review, Worldviews, Religion Compass, Journal of Vaishnava Studies, Union Seminary Quarterly Review, and the Journal of Visual Anthropology.  Dr. Jain is an active member of several academic and community organizations, is fluent in several Indian languages, and has published poems in Hindi as well.

8th July 2017 – Saiswaroopa Iyer chats about Exploring the lesser known Women of Ancient India.

Saiswaroopa is a former analyst with a Venture capital firm and an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur. Saiswaroopa’s interests include Startups, Economics, Carnatic Music, Philosophy, Politics, History and Literature of India. She won a state level gold medal from TTD in rendering Annamacharya Kritis. She is the bestselling author of books like Abhaya, Avishi, Mauri and Creators of Telugu Epic Literature. Saiswaroopa is also a popular columnist and blogs about history, culture, books, classical literature, Telugu poetry and at times on politics.

16th July 2017 – Shruti Bakshi chats about her debut as an author with the book Dior to Dharma.

Shruti is a former investment banker and the founder of the LivingWise Project ( She enjoys writing about life at the intersection of spirituality, modern society and the corporate world. Shruti grew up in Mumbai and spent several years working in Europe. In addition to her interest in finance and economics, she is passionate about yoga, art, music, travel, food and spirituality.

23rd July 2017 – Novelist Manoshi Sinha chats about Literature, Fiction and Religious Fiction.

Manoshi Sinha is an author, poet and the co-founder of a voluntary organization called We Are With You that works for the development of the less-privileged children and women in Assam. She authored her first book Made for Each Other in 2002. Her book The Eight Avatar was the first of the Trilogy on Krishn. Her second book Blue Vanquisher releases this month in July.



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