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“100 Ideas Bank” – Crowdsourcing Research Topics

Rolling Short Term Research Fellowships Program

Indic Academy in the process of building its Inter Gurukula – University Center (IGUC) into a center of excellence  is pursuing a three fold strategy of research, courses and events focusing on the areas of Shaastras, Indic Knowledge Systems and Indology.


Since its establishment IGUC has emerged as a leading platform for curating and conducting unique workshops, seminars and conferences. These events are held either on its own or in collaboration with other institutions.


With a pipeline of more than 10 courses, IGUC will soon be launching teacher training programs to the teachers in the existing institutes of universities and / or will be establishing and managing institutes within universities for delivering these courses.

Research :

The present announcement pertains to the research aspect of IGUC’s plan. IGUC has now decided to establish a “100 Ideas” bank and develop a process for a rolling fellowship program.

Committed public intellectuals, scholars and research students can go through this ideas bank and apply for a fellowship on an ongoing basis.

It is anticipated that 100 such research fellowships will be granted and completed in three years.

Through this announcement, IGUC is crowdsourcing ideas for this research bank across various fields within Shastras, Indic Knowledge Systems and Indology and across different kinds of research i:e rebuttal, incremental and disruptive as represented by the table below :

More particularly the research topics can be in the nature of :


  1. apoorvapaksha /rejoinder /rebuttalto an existing thesis / proposition / theory/ approach that misrepresents, misinterprets, distorts a minor or major aspect of a whole of an Indic tradition, knowledge system, practice, life style, people,  or any other aspect of Indian society and / or its culture.
  2. Incremental : surveying, connecting, consolidatingadding to , improving , modifying,  or taking further any existing research in the areas of Shaastras, Indic Knowledge Systems and Indology.
  3. Disruptive: innovative, groundbreaking, trendsetting, paradigm shifting, perspective changing, founding new theories, paradigms, areas or fields in the areas of Shaastras, Indic Knowledge Systems and Indology or any other area related to India, its people and its and its traditions, knowledge systems, practices, life styles , people, society  or culture.


Once the idea bank is established, IGUC will be developing a process for identification and selection of the applicant, monitoring his or her progress with an assigned mentor, having the findings peer reviewed and finally publishing the research as a monograph, book or a post.

Senior scholars, gurus, teachers, public intellectuals, and researchers are requested to suggest topics by writing to

Our committee will go through the same and if your idea is accepted, we will duly acknowledge your name at an appropriate place.

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