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The Historical Mystery of the Kalabhras with Shri T. S Krishnan

The first flowering of classical civilization in Tamizh country finds expression in the poetry and songs of the Sangam Age, which is commonly held to be between the second century BCE and second century CE. After this period, a strange dynasty of mysterious rulers are said to have come from somewhere and deposed the traditional 3 Kings – Chera, Chozha, Pandya – and ruled Tamizhagam for centuries.

During this period, they neither gave any grants, constructed no lasting monuments, no poets sang of them. This is the ‘Dark Age’, a period of mystery when the curtain of hidden history is said to have been drawn upon the Tamizh country. When the curtain lifts, in the early 5th century CE, the Pandya and Pallava kings left inscriptions claiming to have subdued this dynasty. From here onwards, the Kalabhras just disappear from historical, as mysteriously as they arose.

In this podcast, we invite Shri T S Krishnan, historian and Tamizh scholar, to shed light on this mysterious people and find out if they are really as much of an enigma as is popularly assumed.

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