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The Call that changed Raunak’s life

“The Call that changed Raunak’s life is a short story written by Mayur Didolkar. Mayur is also the author of . The Dark Road. The Dark Road is a suspense thriller. It is also a modern-day take on screwed up relationships.

The Call begins with the introduction of Raunak Rao, a well-built stocky person who works out in a Gym as a pastime. Raunak sees a thin girl with a flyer at the road signal. The flyer comes with a singularly specific promise  call the number in the flyer and your life will change. The number belongs to a lady called Lopamudra.

After some indecisiveness and alcohol led courage, Raunak takes the plunge. Raunak calls the number in the flyer and is hooked immediately. The person on the other end of the line [ apparently Lopamudra] has a captivating voice . Raunak is seduced. He falls hook, line and sinker for the voice. Lopmudra seems to know everything about Raunak  his life, his job, his girl friend, his confused sexual orientation and his sucky boss.

Lopamudra and Raunak start chatting on the phone, till it becomes a habit with Raunak.

It is at this moment the mind games begin. Lopamudra starts to subtly suggest Raunak into doing things which have been eating at him. These are things which Raunak wished he had did [like hurting his boss, girlfriend] but couldn’t do for various reasons.

There is a twist at the end of the story and it leaves the reader in a cliff-hanger, which leaves you guessing as to what is the right explanation.

There is a word for this  it is Mind Manipulation. [There is a four letter word alternate as well, but etiquettes dictate that I don’t use it here?]

Didolkar shines once again and demonstrates his remarkable ability to create suspense thrillers in the mould of a desi Stephen King. He definitely has the potential to reach that pedestal.

It is definitely a one-time read. At 10 INR and just half an hour of your time, it is eminently readable.

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