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Lost Wisdom of The Swastika By Ajay Chaturvedi

A Book of Wisdom for the Wise and the Otherwise!
Earlier this year , I chanced upon the timeline of an alleged scholar who arrogantly proclaimed Swastika to mean all things Nazi and hence something reprehensible! My reaction might not have been so impulsive had I known that in the next few months, she would be busy garnering infamy for her brazen attempt at absolving the Mughal tyrant Aurangzeb of his crimes of Islamofascism! So when I saw that tweet , I just felt driven to express my angst through a series of Swastika images collected from across the world. That the same had been shared earlier by a Bulgarian friend while discussing common words in Sanskrit and Bulgarian, was a delicious irony!

I firmly believe that the world is full of open secrets which remain hidden in plain view only because people choose to live with closed minds. What do I mean? Well, it is known to everyone that Knowledge is Power. All of us also know that A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing. And more importantly, With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility! But are our minds open enough to comprehend each of these statements, either in isolation or as a whole?

Ajay Chaturvedi’s grippingly penned, Philosophical fiction, LOST WISDOM OF THE SWASTIKA, is one such powerful interpretation. He manages to drive home the essence of Swastika and The Turiya State through a smartly crafted plot that traces the transformation of the main protagonist Zain. The author’s attempts at delving deep into the realms of such profound topics as energy and consciousness, in such an engaging manner, are laudable.

Readers are bound to identify with the Zain that remains hidden deep within us only to be woken up when specific shifts occur to rouse us from our state of spiritual inertia! This facts-based fiction is an amalgamation of ancient wisdom which is bound to resonate with people across the globe, especially those who are keen on conscious living, healing, energy work and more  all of which, I would unabashedly call an offshoot of the ancient Sanatan wisdom!

This is a book where Abraham Hicks meets Alan Watts meets Matt Kahn meets Randy Pausch meets Mitch Albom meets Brian Weiss meets Raman Maharshi meets Nisargdatta Maharaj meets Adhyatm The One Truth That Was ,That Is And, That Shall Always Be! While I am tempted to give away the plot of this wonderful book so as to enable it to reach as many readers as possible, I can only say that LOST WISDOM OF THE SWASTIKA is not just a book. It is an experience that any individual across the globe must undertake, irrespective of gender, race, language, nationality and any other such distinctions  natural or otherwise!

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