Communication Ethics : Part II

In this well constructed article, Warija Adiga examines the discourse between ṛshika Sulabhā & King Janaka of Mithila on effective Communication Strategies. The dialogues between the two show us that by focusing on the art of constructing precise sentences, recognizing and rectifying flaws, and following the path of dharma in information handling, one can achieve an ethical Communication Management System.

Dysfunctional Meetings : Part I

A humorous take on Meeting Ethics with insights from ancient Sanskrit kavyas! – Nīlakaṇt̤ha Dīkṣita’s witty verses exposes the chaos, stolen credits, and foul play. Can we infuse modern meetings with ethical vibes from our poetic past?

मौनस्य आत्मकथा

कवीनां मौनविषयकसूक्तानि अधिकृत्य मौनस्य आत्मकथारूपेण मौनस्य गुणदोषविवेचनम् अस्मिन् हास्यात्मके लेखे प्रस्तूयते