Artha Sutra of Kautilya: A Translation

A masterclass in statecraft, an ultimate Indian treatise for economics, good governance & art of persuasion Artha Sutra covers it all – a treasure trove of knowledge for those who seek to master game of life.

Whose Miracle?

‘Whose Miracle?’ is a #Katha elucidating how the guru places the responsibility of miracles on his disciple Ramnath whereas the ardent follower eternally believed it to be a play of his guru.

Fundamentals Of Rajaneeti: Vedic Approach To Politics

This Indriya Vijayi is well equipped to ensure competent governance (Rajyam). Through well served Rajyam, economic welfare is achieved (Artha). Through Artha – Dharma is followed by all. And, thereby, through Dharma universal welfare is achieved (Sukham). This is the core foundation of Rajaneeti – Vedic approach to Politics.