Those Three Days

The most epochal human event of the twentieth century was perhaps the partition of the British Indian Empire into India and Pakistan, and its aftermath – a peek into the bloodbath that ensued after the call for Direct Action Day.

Musings from the Edge of War

War is never the first step, it is always the last resort- but the possibility is never abandoned. Read about the attempts at peace that preceded the great War at Kurukshetra.

Unsung No More

Unsung Valour: Forgotten Warriors of the Kurukshetra War is an attempt by ten writers to bring forth those forgotten warriors of the Mahabharata. Reimagined with passion and devotion, each story brings you a new perspective of the epic as each warrior gears up for his big day on the battlefield.

The Path Of A Coward

“Pain is the hammer of the Gods to break a dead resistance in the mortal’s heart.” -Sri Aurobindo The bleak dusty monotony of the landscape was only broken by the…