Immersing In Mahabharata: An Interview With Raghu Ananthanarayanan

I believe that the idea of dharmic leadership is the need of the hour when the whole world is facing a crisis brought on by decades of plundering and colonizing. Current ideas of leadership are heavily influenced by the unexamined assumptions of the colonial enterprise and of conquest, says Raghu Ananthanarayanan.

When God Incarnated As Man-Lion

The incarnation of Lord Narasimha is very unique and imparts very insightful lessons. The most important lesson being- Brahman pervades the whole Universe and He is the last and only true refuge for everyone.

4 women

Four Women Icons From India’s Dharmic Tradition

Indian tradition promotes gender harmony that recognizes diversity, instead of artificially constructed utopian equality proposed by the West. While equality promotes sameness and wipes diversity out, harmony seeks to harmonize diversity and facilitate each individual to flourish in her own unique way.