Birth Rituals And Pilgrimage In Hinduism

The samskaras serve two purposes. First, they create a responsibility on the individual to follow the duties as ordained in the scriptures (for example, the vivaha samskara (marriage) imposes duties on the husband and the wife towards each other) and second, they establish a cultural connect.

The Vedas And The Principal Upanishads – Part III

The Shrutis offer two important constructs Dharma and Karma to the world philosophical thought. It is in the Upanishad that one finds Hindu philosophical thought fully developed. Hindu metaphysics, ethics, epistemology and logic, find themselves grounded in the Vedas.

The General Framework Of Hinduism- Part II

Hinduism presents an inclusive way of life which is not adversarial to any other thought or ways of worship. It is environmental friendly and has emphasized for generations to respect/worship nature. Hinduism presents a rational system that allows full scope for discussion and debates. Hinduism holds the key to create societal harmony.