Plato And The Upanishads – Part III

Given the many similarities between the Upanishadic tradition and the Platonic school, many scholars naturally wonder whether there were contacts (or cross-influences) between India and Greece before Alexander’s thrust into N-W India in the late fourth century BC.

Plato And The Upanishads – Part II

In the Upanishads, a man contains all cosmic elements from highest to lowest and with proper education can realize cosmos within himself and realizing oneself as Brahman, one becomes All and then All serves him

Plato And The Upanishads – Part I

Unlike Plato’s Dialogues which are the writings of one author, the Upanishads were composed and/or compiled by many different sages who lived in different periods and places; it is therefore understandable that there should be differences and even contradictions in some areas.

Sāṅkhya: A Brief Critique

The classical Sāṅkhya contains several contradictions both in the epistemological and in the ontological sphere, despite the claim of its followers that it is a rational system