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Webinar: Conversation with Kannada Writer Sahana VijayaKumar

Indic Today presents conversation with noted writer Sahana VijayaKumar who has published extensively in the Kannada language since 2016. Her second novel Kasheera was very well received by the native Kannada speakers and the English translation will be shortly published. In Kasheera, Sahana Vijayakumar dealt with Kashmiri Pandit exodus of 1990 and the socio-religious-political leading to the fleeing of Pandits using fictional characters. In her second book Avsana Sahana has written evocatively the enriched characters about dealing with life, hindu culture and integrity.

Sahana Vijayakumar a resident of Bangalore is a data scientist by day and an intrepid researcher by night. Her work has been greatly appreciated by the literary colossus Dr. S. L. Bhyrappa another well known author from Karnataka.

Curated by our editor Dr. Yogini Deshpande, the interview will be conducted by Venkatesh a keen political observer and interest in literature and linguistics on June 13th, 2020 at 7.00 PM IST.  We request readers to register through to receive information for attending the interview.


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