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Vedanta Retreat On Brahmasutra Adhyasabhashyam

Vedanta Retreat Shankaracharya

Arsha Vidya UK is conducting a workshop on the Adhyasa bhashya of Adi Shankaracharya’s commentary on the Brahmasutras. In the Adhyasa bhashya the great Acharya gives his own exposition of the concept without referring to other texts.

Shankaracharya clarifies that the obstacle to enlightenment is a misconception on our part, which mixes up the real and non-real. This drives an empirical view of the world – an apparent duality of subjects, objects, and the means of knowing these objects. This misconception is innate to us, and is called Adhyasa. Shankaracharya further defines the avidya in the Sruti as this adhyasa. Once this avidya is removed, what is left is vidya or knowledge that is the experience of brahman. Shankaracharya held that the purpose of the shastra is to reveal brahman by identifying and removing avidya, so that brahman can shine of its own accord.

Indic Academy will provide a sponsorship to one serious student to attend this Vedanta retreat. This sponsorship includes boarding and lodging expenses. If you are interested, please write to us at Please give us your background and spiritual journey thus far, and let us know why you wish to participate in this retreat.

Arsha Vidya UK is headed by Swamini Atmaprakashananda, whom you can read about here.

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