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Travel Grants for Seminar On ‘Dharmashastras: Guide to Sustainable Prosperity’


Indic Academy will be providing registration and travel grants for attending the international seminar on Dharmashastras at Katwa College in Purba Burdwan, West Bengal. We are happy to support two scholars, by way of registration and travel grant of upto ₹10,000 or actuals, whichever is less.

The department of Sanskrit, Katwa College is organising a two-day seminar titled ‘Dharmashastras: A Guide To Sustainable Properity’ on the 16th and 17th of April, 2020. The seminar will include papers and discussion on sustainable development, social ethics, governance, crime, sin, criminal procedure, justice and more. More details about the seminar are found below.

Applications for the travel grant should be sent to by 31st March, 2020 with Profile/CV and a Statement of Purpose. Selected applicant will have to sign and share the Indic Pledge on Social Media, and write about his/her experiences at the event for publication on Indic Today, subject to editorial clearance. Only the selected applicants will receive an intimation from us.

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