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The Shanta Moorthy Grant for Promoting Indian Soft Power

Indic Academy is pleased to institute ‘The Shanta Moorthy Grant for Promoting Indian Soft Power’ of Rs 2.5 lacs per year.

India has influenced the world through her culture in many ways including Vedanta, Yoga, Ayurveda, films, performing arts, cuisine etc.  These ancient knowledge systems have a crucial role to play in global peace, health and happiness. In order to promote the same in a structured and systematic fashion,  IA has established a Center for Soft Power (CSP).

CSP aims to see India emerge as a global soft super power by 2030 and is primarily focussed on harnessing the economic potential of our culture for creation of jobs and growth. Towards this goal, CSP has a three-fold strategy of Analysis, Awareness and Advocacy. Since its inception. CSP has established :

i) an ongoing research fellowship program for analysis of global growth and demand for our culture across various topics and fields of study,

ii) a digital platform to promote the awareness of our culture to global audiences

iii) Network of Indian Cultural Enterprises (NICE) to nurture cultural entrepreneurship, accelerate cultural start ups and to act as a trade body for and on behalf of entrepreneurs involved in the cultural space.

In continuation of the above objectives, IA is pleased to announce an annual grant scheme of Rs 2.5 lacs for executing ideas, projects, events, books etc to globally promote our Arts, Cuisine and Crafts.  Creative collaborations with foreign artists in the field of music and dance, authors wishing to produce books on ancient Indian and Ayurvedic cooking for global audiences, craftsmen and weavers creating distinctive Indian work targeted at global consumers and markets are encouraged to apply. Each individual grant will be up to Rs 50,000.

Indic Academy expresses its gratitude to the family of Shantha Moorthy for instituting this grant.

Interested persons can send their proposal to . 

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