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Shortlisted entries for Rāsa Rīti : A Tradition of Dance and Devotion Contest.

We are thrilled to announce the shortlisted entries for Rāsa Rīti: A Tradition of Dance and Devotion Contest.

These outstanding videos brilliantly showcase the diverse forms of navarātri traditions, capturing the vibrancy of festivals, the beauty of rituals, and the spirit of celebration in different parts of Bhārat. The makers of these videos demonstrated an outstanding combination of skill, innovation, and a remarkable ability to capture the essence of Navaratri Celebrations in a truly unique and engaging way. These videos beautifully showcased the rich tapestry of India’s cultural diversity, history, and traditions as part of the festival celebrations,  leaving a lasting impression on our judging panel.

We were overwhelmed with the response for this contest and are excited to host it again on other occasions at Indica Today. Apart from a strong indic sensibility in the video content and its creators, here are some key factors that set the shortlisted entries apart :

Skillful Execution: The technical prowess displayed in the video, from cinematography to editing, showcased a high level of skill and expertise.

Novelty and Creativity: Ability to bring a fresh and innovative perspective to the portrayal of Indian heritage, introducing new angles and narratives that captivated our attention.

Capturing the Essence: The video perfectly encapsulated the spirit and vibrancy of Indian heritage, weaving a narrative that resonated with the vibrant festival celebrations of Bharat. .

Sharing the videos below in no particular order. Please like, share, and comment on them and let us know what you think. Winners will be announced very soon.

  1. Geetha Ganapathy  

  1. Prithvi Prabhu

  1. Srividya & Suma

  1. Amogh Senger

An update on the Winner of this contest.

We are thrilled to announce the winner of our Rāsa Rīti contest—huge congrats to Shri Amogh Senger! His exceptional talent, imaginative flair, and dedication have made him a champion. He’s won an exclusive ticket for a captivating journey to his preferred Shakti Peetha.

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