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Seminar On The Aryan Invasion Theory

Aryan Invasion Theory

Pragnabharathi and Indic Academy are conducting a full day seminar “Bharat beyond the Aryan Invasion Myth” on December 7th, at Hyderabad. Curated by Srinivas Udumudi, Convenor Indic Academy a wide variety of experts are speaking across 5 disciplines. Background to the conference as per the brochure reads as follows:

Quote : ​”Triumphant contradictory claims from both sides of the Aryan Invasion debate appear quickly after every new finding pertaining to the Aryan Invasion Theory(AIT). The narrative from reports on Rakhigarhi ancient DNA analysis, or excavations at Sanauli and Keezhadi, swings from one extreme to the other depending on who you read. Lack of sufficient comprehension about evidence for and against the Aryan Invasion theory in the broader non-specialist intellectual class of the society makes it susceptible to suggestion by propaganda, and be easily misled by uninformed writings.

At a time when new insights are emerging from research into the Aryan Invasion Theory every year, there is a great need for non-specialist opinion-makers and narrative builders to understand the nuances of the arguments of both sides, be able to assess the arguments, and see through propaganda. They should also be able to communicate the propositions and shortcomings of the theory factually. Learning from all the experts assembled at a single place would make this possible and will allow them to imagine an India beyond the Aryan Invasion Theory.” Unquote.


This seminar is open to writers and intellectuals interested in the Aryan Invasion debate.

Date: December 7th, 2019
Time: 9 AM to 7 PM
Venue: ISB Campus, Hyderabad

Registration: Please visit Pragnabharati. No registration fees are applicable.

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