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Scholarship Grants To Students Of Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit And Ancient Studies University

Inter-University Center for Indic Knowledge Systems is an initiative by Indic Academy that acts as a hub of scholarly exchanges between Gurukuls and universities and between academics and acharyas. Apart from conducting courses, programs, nurturing networks and platforms, it has been active in the domain of scholarships and grants.The vision for this specific functional domain of scholarships and grants within IUC-IKS is that by the end of 2020 no student, scholar or acharya of Sanskrit and Indic Knowledge Systems is unable :- to pay fees to pursue his or her education in Sanskrit and Indic Knowledge Systems, to travel or register for any academic conference in India or abroad, to pursue research and publish their findings or even struggle for sustenance. Towards this mission, IUC-IKS has already tied up with:

  1.  Chinmaya Vishwavidya Peetha
  2. MIT University – School of Vedic Science
  3. Sanchi University

It has now reached out to all the Sanskrit Universities in India and offered them scholarship and grants.

IUC-IKS is now happy to announce a tie up with Kumar Bhaskar Varma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University.

Apart from the above program, IUC-IKS is also currently working on formulating other schemes and programs to bring about increased connection, cooperation and collaboration amongst all Sanskrit Universities in India and all Universities with Sanskrit and Indology departments in India and around the world and between academics and Acharyas. It is also in discussions with a reputed University to commence a PhD program.

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