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Sanskrit Learning Made Easy – A Workshop

The Department of Sanskrit Studies, University of Hyderabad will conduct a 7 day workshop titled ‘Sanskrit Learning Made Easy’, between May 8th and 14th, 2019. It has been conducting this workshop for the last two years with different themes.

This year, the focal theme is ‘Upavedas’. The topics which will be discussed include Āyurveda, Gāndharvaveda, Dhanurveda and the Arthaśāstra. To make the workshop more impactful, several experts from various fields who are contributing to the contemporary application of the Shastras have been invited. It is hoped that the audience attending this workshop will find the lectures novel and interesting.

Topics to be covered :

  • Āyurveda Theories and Practices for Health
  • Protection – Special Tips for Summer
  • Saṅgı̄taśāstra and Computational Musicology
  • Indian Traditions of Economics: Vedic to Kauṭilya’s Era
  • Role of Sanskrit in Understanding Indian Cultural History
  • Simple Spoken Sanskrit
  • Selected Text Readings

Other Details regarding the workhop:

Number of Seats: 30
Registration Fees: Rs. 1000/-
For registration, visit:

Indic Academy is happy to support this event by providing a grant of Rs. 25,000.

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