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Ramayana Navaham – An immersive Experience

Lord Rama and the Ramayana have been a great source of inspiration and pivot for devotional expression through music and other arts across India for centuries. Our vagyakaras have shown us that there are many ways to reach Rama, but the path through music is the easiest. Indian art such as painting and dance have also left their indelible imprint on Indic spirituality and devotion. Vedanta and Bhakti, the boundaries of Saguna and Nirguna bhakti, the seeker and the Lord merge as art takes over.

January 2020 will see Heritage Trust, in collaboration with Indic Academy, host its 11th annual Gudiya Sambhrama festival with the theme being Ramayana Navaham. Early morning Suprabatham, Parayanam, Upanayasam by Dushyanth Sridhar in English, Sangeetha Nitya Kainkaryam and Hastha Kala in Indian art forms will mark Bangalore’s iconic temple festival. The 9-day festival will also present performances by leading artists.

As a prelude to Ramayana Navaham, Heritage Trust and Indic Academy invite you to offer your music, art, dance, photographs, writings and thoughts as a tribute to Lord Rama and the Ramayana. We will permeate it through the virtual world starting from today.

Please record a song or an instrumental, dance clips and mail it at We also accept photographs, sketches and writing. Do give us details such as the name of the song or dance, the name of the artist and when it was recorded or written. We will be posting these on social media on weekly basis starting in July.

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