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New Book Release: ‘The Science of Medical Astrology’

Indic Academy is happy to announce the release of its new book titled ‘The Science of Medical Astrology: The Experimental Proof of Jyotisha‘ co-authored by Dr. Rameshrao Narayan and Dr. Alex Hankey.

Dr. Rameshrao, a noted Indian Vet from Bangalore entered the field of astrology in general, and medical astrology in particular literally ‘by accident’. He had earlier paid no heed to a jyotishi’s warnings about a nearly fatal accident. After the accident actually took place, and he was forced into bed for over three years of recovery, Dr. Rameshrao learned about the ancient Indian science of astrology.


Prof. Dr. Alex Hankey, Ph.D. from MIT and Director at S-VYASA Yoga University guided Dr. Rameshrao in his subsequent research in the field of veterinary medical astrology. The book brings out fascinating results of this research. Some of the noteworthy ones being- Jupiter and Moon support life, while Rahu and Solar eclipses oppose it. Dr. Hankey in fact, developed a theory that combines complexity biology and quantum astrophysics.

The book in short, narrates the gripping story of many scientific experiments of testing and verifying astrological predictions; and simultaneously provides a physical theory of science behind it. To purchase the book, click here or here.



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