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Rayalaseema Heritage Tour

Gandikota Canyan

Indic Academy is providing a full grant to one research scholar of History for the upcoming Rayalaseema Heritage Tour organized by Mystical Palmyra with Historian Madhusudanan Kalaichelvan.

The originally “seeded Districts” (Datta Mandalu in Telugu), later became royal lands (Rayalaseema) to establish the glorious past and the rich culture of this  region dating back many centuries. This land has seen many dynasties emerge and vanish but bears their remembrances through striking architecture and cultural practices. It was during the reign of Krishnarayulu that Telugu culture reached it’s zenith. Rayalaseema not only was the cradle for Telugu literature but also gave us modern philosophers like Jiddu Krishnamurthy who is a son of this soil.

Mystical Palmyra has packaged a unique experience for the very first time ever that would offer glimpses of History, Architecture, Culture, Religion, and Cuisine of these Royal Lands. Attractions include Gandikota, Vontimitta, Belum, Tadipatri, Kadappa, Pushpagiri, Ahobilam, Siddavattam, Produttur and Nandalur. Come and be the privileged guest to witness the splendor of the genius of these royal lineages.

Mystical Palmyra Rayalaseema Heritage Tour

Dates: 26th to 29th February 2020

Registration: Before January 20th 2020

Please refer to the brochure for further details.

Interested candidates may apply for the grant at with their Profile and a Statement of Purpose. Selected applicants will have to sign and share the Indic pledge on social media and write about their experiences at the event for possible publication on Indic Today.

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