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Launch of Indic Mentor Network, powered by MentorCloud

Indic Academy (IA) is pleased to announce the launch of Indic Mentor Network in collaboration with MentorCloud (, the world’s leading mentoring platform.


Through its ‘connect, cooperate, collaborate’ framework, building an ecosystem, especially the non living or the infrastructure aspects has been the focus of Indic Academy since its very inception. Towards this end, IA has established several domain specific vertical networks as well as city based horizontal networks, for public intellectuals of similar interests to connect with one another. IA has also co operated with the efforts of  several students, scholars, public intellectuals and institutions for a wide variety of  causes through its grants program. IA has  actively collaborated with several NGOs, Think Tanks, Universities, Gurukulas, Media platforms etc for research and organising events.

Indic Mentor Network, powered by MentorCloud

In order to encourage senior Indic scholars and thought leaders from all over the world to be mentors and to guide and transfer their knowledge and experience to students and upcoming public intellectuals, IA has approached Dr. Ravishankar Gundlapalli, Founder & CEO of MentorCloud, and Author of “The Art of Mentoring,” for collaboration. Impressed by the work of IA and its larger mission, Dr. Ravi readily agreed to offer the MentorCloud technology platform on a pro bono basis and also offer his expertise in the design, launch and engagement of experts and seekers on the Indic Mentor Network.


MentorCloud’s vision is to “Make Human Wisdom Easily Accessible For 100 Million People To Achieve Their Full Potential.” To achieve its vision, MentorCloud offers a world-class Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) platform for people within an organization or network to mentor each other. The platform humanizes learning, resulting in faster skills development and productivity of people. MentorCloud is trusted by prestigious organizations, such as Marriott International, YPO, EO, Seven West Media and IESE Business School, and has mentors and mentees on its platform from over 100 countries.

“I am truly honoured to partner with Indic Academy in their noble mission of creating a global mentoring platform for current and future Indic scholars,” said Dr. Ravi Gundlapalli. “Being an Indian by birth, this is a great opportunity for me to give back to my motherland, and to contribute to the revival, perpetuation and dissemination of Indic Thought Leadership and Sanatana Dharma,” added Dr. Ravi.

Sharing his excitement for this partnership, Hari Kiran Founder said “We are truly grateful to Dr Ravi for giving us this platform. Right from our inception creating and nurturing networks has been a key element of our strategy, especially domain specific vertical networks. Indic Knowledge is best taught through the Guru Shishya parampara and MentorCloud is the right platform for such transmission. More importantly the platform enables us to do bring together scholars and students at a scale which was previously not possible.”

Membership on this platform is by invitation only. Scholars interested in mentoring and offering their expertise may please write to us at

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