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Kriti Sanskriti – 14 Videos On Carnatic Music

Purandaradasa in his famous krithi Guruvina Gulama says –

Guruvina Gulama naaguvatanaka
doraiyedanna mukuthi
Till you become a slave of the Guru, You would not get salvation

This Guru Purnima, in a reversal of tradition, senior gurus, masters in both melody and rhythm, will support 14 young musicians making their way up in the musical world to create short 4 – minute videos exploring the most definitive concepts of Carnatic Music.

The recordings will be done in Bangalore over 14 days and will be released worldwide, to showcase the beauty of Carnatic music, while at the same time giving youngsters the much need opportunity to learn and shine in front of legends

Indic Academy is supporting this event by providing a grant for the production of the 14 videos.

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