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Indica Yoga’s Europe Events – A Brief Report

Indica Yoga is a platform dedicated to spread awareness about the deeper psychological, spiritual & life-transforming aspects of Yoga by creating & curating authentic, immersive & transformative yoga experiences across the world. It was launched in the month of March, 2019 with an opening event by Sri Raghu Anantanarayan and Sri Vinayachandra at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh early this year. Indica Yoga is the newest addition to the growing family of cultural initiatives by Indica.

Following the launch, team Indica Yoga successfully completed a 2 month long tour of Europe conducting many events at several cities across Europe during May-June, 2019. About 20 events including workshops, courses, lectures and presentations were held in about 15 cities in Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, France and Ireland. Visits and lectures/interactions were also held in 5 Universities viz. University of Ghent, Ghent; University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen; Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAVY, Zurich; SRH Hochschule, Heidelberg and Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU, Munich.

Programs largely focused on highlighting the psychological dimensions of Yoga and it’s applications in practical living. Varied target groups including yoga teachers and enthusiasts, Psychotherapy community and students of Psychology and Indology participated and benefited out of these programs. The 2 month tour ended with a lecture presentation on Yoga as a holistic science of happiness and well-being to a group of yoga enthusiasts in Dubai. All these programs were hosted in collaboration with several local organisations and yoga teachers.

Indica Yoga expresses its gratitude to all yoga schools, teachers and participants for their support and encouragement.

Team Indica Yoga was led by Dr. Vinayachandra Banavathy, Director, Indica Yoga and joined by Dr. Anuradha Choudry, Assistant Professor at IIT Kharagpur.

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