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Launch of “Ghaar Hindate Aakashi” – By Indica Nagpur

Indic Academy Nagpur Chapter, hosted the book launch event of social media influencer, blogger and author Shefali Vaidya’s Marathi book “Ghaar Hindate Aakashi”. The interactive event was organised by Indic Academy Nagpur at the Press Club.  Shefali Vaidya was interviewed by Kishor Galande and Kaustubh Awade was the anchor for this event.

Shefali Vaidya and Kishore Galande discussed topics related to social media impact, publishing her book and her journey from social media celebrity to a prominent voice of the right-wing to becoming an author.

“I started writing on my Facebook wall back in 2009. I just had triplets then and my day used to revolve around them. The new parents are always in awe of what their kids do and hence my wall was full of their pictures and their stories. However, there came a point when I was frustrated with the then ruling party and the steps they took. I wrote a long post, changed the privacy settings to public and just shared it on my FB wall. People who shared the same thoughts as mine shared the post and it went viral, that was when I realised that social media is a strong platform.”,  expressed Shefali Vaidya.

Interacting with the audience, Shefali Vaidya opined “Social media is an open platform where even the youth can question. If anyone wants to publish anything, they don’t have organisational restrictions. However, one has to be open to criticism and should be able to counter the allegations and negativity with facts.”

Indic Nagpur Chapter convener Mandar Ghotkar gave the introduction of Indic Academy and the programme, while Ajay Sudame proposed the vote of thanks.


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