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IBC Announces a Research and Co-Writers Pool

Over the last few years, Indic Academy and Indic Book Club have been at the forefront of encouraging reading and writing and promoting books through its various initiatives.

We are now pleased to announce the establishment of a Research & Co-Writers Pool for established/published authors. We propose to invite and select a panel of research & co-writers who will be available to assist the established/published authors.

Authors can engage with any of empaneled assistants and seek their help for research as well as writing the first drafts of their outlines which they can subsequently work on. If the author so chooses, they can engage them as co-authors too. We will fund the cost of engaging the research and co-writing assistant and pay them a monthly stipend for the duration of their work.

We now invite upcoming writers who are interested in being research & co-writing assistants to established/published authors to write to us with their resume and a writing sample.

We also invite interested established/published authors to empanel with us and reach out to us for any assistance they require from time to time.

Please write to us at

PS: We are inspired by the writers centre established by Amish and would like to offer such a facility to other established/published authors.

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