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‘I-Shelf’ – A new scheme launched by IBC & IGENPLUS

Indic Book Club and IGENPLUS are pleased to launch a new scheme ‘I-Shelf ‘. Under this scheme a shelf full of books on our civilisational history and indigenous knowledge systems across all genres will be presented to interested schools in India. The list of books will be curated by Abhinav Agarwal, Curator Indic Book Club and Soumya Aggarwal CEO, IGENPLUS with inputs from school teachers and librarians.

The first such initiative was taken by Indica Coimbatore. M.Pramod Kumar, Convenor spoke about the genesis of the idea –

Quote “The idea of setting up an exclusive book shelf of Indic books in school libraries came up as a result of frequent observations made by concerned parents and academicians about the deteriorating reading habits amongst students. Also, many school libraries lack sufficient number of books on Indic themes. Indica Coimbatore took the initiative to see if this can be addressed by giving a grant to interested schools to set up an exclusive shelf of Indic books to encourage the students to read and discover their cultural roots. Perks Matriculation School in Coimbatore readily welcomed this idea and the first Indic Book Shelf was inaugurated on Independence Day 2019.” Unquote

Seeing the potential of this idea to make an impact pan india, we are rolling this out nationally as ‘I-Shelf’ scheme.  Commenting on the launch of the new scheme, curator Abhinav Agarwal says “These are exciting times at IBC. We are undertaking several initiatives to make reading a regular habit across all strata of the society. This is one more such scheme targeted at schools. Children are our future and it is important that they imbibe values and learn from our civilisational ethos. Interested schools may therefore please write to us at and we will provide the shelf as well as the books”

IGENPLUS an initiative promoted by Indic Academy in collaboration with Soumya Aggarwal is also collaborating in the scheme with inputs on target schools as well as the choice of books to be presented.

NISE Academy ICSE School and Kikani School are two schools where ‘I-Shelf’ will shortly be launched.

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