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Heritage Drive 2018

Heritage Parampara‘s latest upcoming event is The Heritage Drive 2018!

The Hertiage Drive is an exciting motor rally that is designed to transport one’s body, mind and soul through miles of central Karnataka’s scenic expanse over a three day drive. The drive itself is tribute to the becalming ancient temples and the celebration of the spirit through the Arts.

Our drive will be flagged off on the 21st of September 2018 at dawnbreak, from the south of Bangalore to reach Davangere by 6pm in the evening just as the sun sets. This town is home to the Kunduvada lake, Rangayyana wildlife sanctuary and old temples such as the Durgambika Temple, the Kalleshwara temple and the Karanji Mantapa built during the Chalukyan rule. Several other very old temples adorn this town, which was once a textile hub.

Lodging for the night will be organised in comfortable Hotels. After breakfast, the drive flags off again during the early hours of the 22nd of September to arrive at Kishkinda, the stronghold of the ancient Vanaras and later Hampi a UNESCO world heritage site, in the evening. The richest and largest city if the world during the 15th, 16th centuries before the invasion of the Deccan Sultanates, this ancient Temple town of the glorious Vijayanagar Empire nestles on the banks of the Tungabadra River. It is also home to some of the world’s most extraordinary architectural splendors from the 7th century, an expansive sanctuary for the Indian sloth bears and the Hemakuta hill. It is also known as Pampa-kshetra or Bhaskara-Kshetra.

After a  visit to the temples and comfortable stay in Hampi the drive flags off again on the 23rd of September to return back to Bengaluru on a different route. Right through the 3 day drive the journey will break for lunch at beautiful temples. The Drive will be a discovery of many more ancient temples of great antiquity and beauty. While the Drive itself promises to roll out the best of nature’s bounties and the charming quintessence of the rural landscape, an extremely special treat awaits one during the evenings. The visits to the temples will have short talks from and interactive sessions with experts from the field of Temple Architecture, Sanskrit scholars, artists of repute from Karnataka who will regale the sessions with small precious glimpses of Music, Dance and Art.

One will get to leave a mark of their visit at these temples as Saplings of trees will be planted in an effort to revive native trees and make an attempt to green the temple surroundings.
The Rally itself will be a serious sporting event that will follow the Time, Speed and Distance Format as approved by the FMSCI in collaboration with Prosports.

TSD Rally

Time/Speed/Distance or TSD Rallying is a motor sport that can be enjoyed by anyone with virtually any sort of motor vehicle. Not to be confused with PRO rallying, which is a form of racing, TSD is a course-following event involving control of vehicle speed. Competitive teams comprise of a driver and navigator utilizing a set of instructions detailing the course they must follow and the speeds they must travel. Since public roads are used for those events, speeds are set at or below the posted legal speed limits. The goal is to follow the course correctly and arrive on time at checkpoints encountered along the way. Scoring is based on the difference between the competitor’s actual arrival time versus their calculated arrival time at the checkpoint.

Tree Planting

With our country’s forest cover depleting at an escalating pace and the ever-increasing menace of pollution, our water resources are vanishing and our flora and fauna are facing total annihilation.
Our ancient system of revering and respecting every creation on the universe as sacred was the most effective way of ensuring their protection. Each temple had Stala vrikshas that were planted and nurtured in these sacred spaces in accordance with the presiding Deity, the geography of the land and the need of the place and its people.

The heritage drive will attempt to revive this ancient tradition by making an attempt to source the Sthala vriksha of the temples enroute and plant them along with Native Indian trees like mango, jackfruit, nerale, lemon, champaka, nagalinga pushpa, honge, arali, audambara, and neem.

Mark your calendars for September 21,22 and 23 2018!

Day 1 -Bangalore to Davangere (ancient heritage temples & tree planting)

Day 2: Davangere to Hampi (Hampi visit with an architect & tree planting)

Day 3: Hampi to Bangalore (ancient heritage temple & tree planting)

Day 3: End of Rally, Prize Distribution and Grand Dinner

Each car must have a Driver, Navigator and can also have a Team Correspondent.


Rs 12500 for a team of 2  [Towards two nights’ stay and all meals]
Rs 18750 for a team of 3 [Towards two nights’ stay and all meals]

IndicToday is proud to sponsor 25 scholars and artists who wish to attend this drive. Every team can add an extra member to their side, whose participation will be completely sponsored by IndicToday.
If you are an artist, writer, documentary maker, historian or have been involved in the study of Indic history and culture in any way and wish to participate in this drive, fill in this Google form and apply!

The last day for applying for this sponsorship is the 30th of July, 2018. Send in your CV and pieces of your work to

For more details about the rally and registration forms visit or contact


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