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Essay Competition For Chinmaya Mission’s Bhagavad Gita Camp

Chinmaya International Foundation, Ernakulam, will be conducting “Master Gita Master Life” – a 20 month online and onsite camp on all 18 chapters of the Bhagavad Gita. The sessions will be conducted by by Swami Advayanandaji on every 2nd Saturday and Sunday of the month. The Course begins on the 12th of January 2019 and ends on the 13th of August 2020.

Swamiji will cover all the 18 chapters of the Gita at one chapter per month on every 2nd weekend of the month. Chapter 2 and Chapter 18 will stretch for over 2 months each, hence making the duration of the entire course to be about 20 months, at the rate of one lesson per month.

Master Gita Master Life is a comprehensive and deep study of the entire Bhagavad Gita where all verses as well as Gita chanting will be taught.

The fee for the onsite residential Camp is INR 29,500 (inclusive of accommodation and meals), whilst the fees for the online camp is INR 23,600. However, youngsters in the age group of 18 to 35 enjoy a lower donation of INR 17,700.

Swami Advayanandaji is an accomplished teacher of Vedanta who has authored several books and residential courses at CIF, including Aparokshanubhuti.

Indic Academy is proud to sponsor the registration of four online participants. If you are below the age of 35 and wish to avail Indic Academy’s support to register and attend this course, please write an essay on any one of the topics mentioned below and send it to Essays in English, Hindi or Marathi will be accepted.

1. Spiritual Essence of the Gita
2. Review of any of work published on the Gita. For example, Gitarahasya by BG Tilak.
3. Everyday life lessons in the Gita

Registrations are open.  REGISTER NOW
Visit our website for more information  MGML WEBSITE

Please find the attached brochure for further details.

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