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The Past Year in Review: Annual Report 2020-2021

Indic Today was established in April 2018 to showcase the events and activities of Indic Academy and to serve its mission of preserving, protecting and promoting indigenous knowledge, history and heritage by promoting authors, thought leaders and scholars and publishing their insights, perspectives and well researched academic/semi-academic essays.

In the past year we published more than 750+ posts and added 156 new authors to our platform taking the total number of authors to 327. 

We publish authors with varying degrees of seniority, from venerable scholars like Prof. Subhash Kak, Prof. Ramesh Rao and Prof. M. D. Srinivas to the young 14-year-old author Ms. Ananya whose fictional stories of Mahabharata were appreciated by everyone.

During the year we branched out into Indic languages segment with a dedicated team. We began publishing Hindi articles in June,2020. In October we started the publication of Kannada articles. In January 2021, Telugu publication began as well. We are now publishing weekly pieces in all these three languages. Engaging with audiences from diverse languages has been a learning experience for our team as we dive into the culture and traditions of different states.

We continued with our Series style essays on various subjects such as Temple Architecture, Ancient Indian Mathematics, Ancient Indian Economy, Comparison of Indian & Western Art, Hindu Identity & Dharma, Mahabharata Metaphors, Pingala’s Algorithms, Contemplation on Hindu Identity, Apasras, etc.

We have also attempted to weave in on-going problems due to Covid by running a series on Dukh & Depression that dealt with people’s experience in dealing with dukh, depression and anxiety through Indic texts, philosophy and spirituality. The essays were experiential in nature, meant for the reader to draw strength from the struggles and lessons of others.

An attempt was made at sharing short stories from our parampara- similar to the style of Chandamama stories. We have published two stories under this banner so far- one in English and one in Kannada.

We introduced a new concept of celebrating holy days with three-to-five-day long festivals. We celebrated Gita Jayanti with a three day festival. We published 10 pieces during the festival, of which one was a review, one was in Kannada and two were in Hindi.bIn a one of a kind interview, Manish Shrivastava spoke with Malini Awasthi, and through their personal experiences, added a new dimension to the Gita in our lives. We also celebrated Shivratri. Over the course of the three day festival, we published eight articles (one of which was in Hindi) on varying subjects from the world of Mahadev. Prof Subhash Kak, in a discussion with Shivakumar GV, spoke about Kashmir Shaivism and its importance in our paramapara.

We also encouraged and introduced many new book authors through our platform. Some notable authors, whose books reached the Amazon Best Seller List, such as Aneesh Gokhale, Ratul Chakraborty, Vijender Sharma have acknowledged the support provided by us in promoting their books across all our social media channels as well as through interviews, webinars, and reviews of their book.

On the occasion of Hindi Divas, we conducted an essay writing competition. Of the submissions received, five were chosen as winners and eight others were chosen for publication.

A series of videos introducing our regular contributors to our audience, made in a question-answer style was started. Surendranath Chandranath and Pankaj Saxena have been featured so far.

In June 2020 we carried out a Feedback Survey from our readers in which more than 60% of readers gave us a rating between 8 to 10. The various Series we have published from time to time received positive feedback. Our semi-academic pieces through Quick Reads and academic research pieces in Long Reads and Research Paper sections were also highly appreciated by our readers.

In the past year our editorial team has grown to be a 6 member team with three of members working for us full time. Manish Shrivastava joined as our Hindi editor, Shivakumar GV joined as a consulting editor and the Kannada editor, Arun Kumar Vemuri joined as editor for Telugu content and Rekha Dhar joined as an editor. Prof Subhash Kak, Padma Shri Malini Awasthi, Prof Nagaraj Paturi, Prof Gauri Mahulikar and Manish Mundra joined our Advisory Board.

As the Chief Editor I have attempted to keep the dialogue between current relevant issues and our civilization to draw the reader in to the continuum (satatya) nature of Dharma. Running Indic Today has indeed been an exhilarating experience. It has opened my mind to so many different ideas and thoughts and the interaction with all the learned authors always teaches me new insights about our vast culture, traditions and knowledge systems. With the help of my always enthusiastic team I hope to continue to take Indic Today forward.

सानो: सानुमारूहत् !

It’s been a great year. May we scale new heights in the years to come!

-Dr. Yogini Deshpande


Series and Research Papers published during the year.


  1. Jagannath Rath Yatra by Shalini Mahapatra
  2. Apsara Series by Shalini Mahapatra
  3. Kurukshetra by Saiswaroopa Iyer
  4. Ancient Mathematical Treasures by Salil Sawarkar
  5. Mahabharata Metaphors by Shivakumar GV
  6. India’s Unique Place in the World of Numbers and Numerals by Shrikant Talageri
  7. Kalidasa by Vasuki HA
  8. Pingala’s Algorithm by Chandrahas Halai
  9. Tales from the Mahabharata by Abhinav Agarwal
  10. What Are We? A Contemplation on the Hindu Identity by Sreejit Datta
  11. Ancient Temples and Modern Dacoits by Pankaj Saxena
  12. Artist in Art by Pankaj Saxena
  13. Demystifying Tantra by Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay
  14. Hindu View on Menstruation by Nithin Sridhar
  15. (from oct to dec)
  16. तन्त्रयुक्ति- एक प्राचीन भारतीय वैज्ञानिक-सैद्धान्तिकग्रन्थ निर्माण पद्धति by Jayaraman Mahadevan
  17. Reflections on Bhakti by Nithin Sridhar
  18. Honouring Our Gurus by Vishal Agarwal
  19. Abortion: A Dharmic Perspective by Nithin Sridhar
  20. अनाम कला का रहस्य by Garima Tiwari
  21. Symbolism of Temples by Pankaj Saxena
  22. भारतवर्ष की प्राचीन गुरुकुल प्रणाली by Bhupendra Bharatiya
  23. हिन्दू मंदिरों में शिव by Trushar Dhonde
  24. Apsara Series by Shalini Mahapatra
  25. Devi Mahatmya by Abhinav Agarwal
  26. How India Went From World’s Education Capital To Depths Of Illiteracy by Sahana Singh
  27. Hindu Dharma by Amit Bansal
  28. Understanding Manu Smriti by Ramanuja Devanathan
  29. Glory of Shri Kameshwara by Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula
  30. Wonders, Mysteries and Misconceptions in Indian Astronomy by Anil Narayanan
  31. आयुर्वेद की कथा by Anshu Dubey

Research Papers:

  1. Social Welfare in Ancient India: A Jurisprudential Perspective by Yashowardhan Tiwari
  2. Vedānga: The Limbs Of Vedic knowledge by Manoj Garg
  3. Rethinking Femininity and Transgression in Andal’s Bhakti Sushumna Kannan
  4. Panini’s Grammar and Computer Science by Subhash Kak and Saroja Bhate
  5. Asmitā: The Affliction (kleśa) – A Textual Review Based On 15 Saṃskṛta Commentaries Of Yogasūtras by Jayaraman Mahadevan
  6. The Geographical Data in the Mahābhārata by Jijith Nadumuri Ravi
  7. Manusmṛti: Patchwork or Careful Construction? By Nithin Sridhar
  8. Revisiting Sati by Nithin Sridhar
  9. Swami Vivekananda: Views on Women by Yashowardhan Tiwari and Shivani Badgaiyan
  10. Homosexuality and Marriage: A Hindu Perspective by Nithin Sridhar
  11. A Case For Psychology Of The Indian: Contributing A Non-Linear Indigenous Approach To A Linear Universalist Discipline by Sri Prabhav Paturi
  12. Acharya Madhva – Realistic Theism by Dr. IVNS Raju
  13. Using Collectives of Photographers Towards Promoting New Destinations by Arun Bhat
  14. Varna – A Review: Relevance and Reconstruction for the Modern World by Shivakumar GV
  15. Sopara: An Ancient Port, Trade Center and a Teertha by Monish Shah, Siddarth Kale
  16. Manukunnumala: A Travel to The Land of Penance by Sanoop Sadanandan
  17. From Mathurā to Mathurā Maṇḍala by Sneha Nagarkar
  18. Sacredscapes: Study of Pandharpur and its Pilgrimage by Ar. Chinar Balsaraf
  19. Following the Journey of Alamthuruthy Bhagavati by Sooraj M Subrahmanyan and Rupesh K, Rupesh Kalesan
  20. Godāparikramā: Exploring the Sacred Sites Along the Banks of River Godāvarī by Dr. Mrunalini Newalkar, Dr. Madhavi Narsalay
  21. Diverse Facets of the Purusottama-Yatra: The Journey to Jagannatha of Puri by Prateek Pattanaik
  22. Tracing the Legacy of Kashmiri Tantra in Kerala by Amritesh AR
  23. Ramayan Parikramana: Tracing the Footsteps of Sita, through Western Ghats of Northern Kerala by Akshay Krishna MP
  24. Subtle Body Relaxation as a form of Dhyana by Dr. S Ramaratnam
  25. Who watches whom? Mindfulness in Vedic Psychology by Dr. Jyotsna Agarwal
  26. Nalanda : A Study Based on the Literary Works of Ancient Travelers by Sooraj Rajendran
  27. Yoga Yajnavalkya in comparison with Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra by Dr. Vasumathi Rajaram
  28. Guru-Shishya Parampara by Krishna Kavita
  29. Globalizing the Indic: Paramahansa Yogananda and the Shaping of the Kriya Yoga Tradition for a Modern World by Rabi Ranjan Sen
  30. Needs of Bhagavad Gita Concepts in the Present System of Education by Dr. MR Ranganatha
  31. Vālmīki Rāmāyaṇa’s Uttarakāṇḍa is Authentic Beyond Doubt by Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula
  32. Polytheism and Ecology by Edward Butler
  33. Indian Masters and Globalisation of Yoga by Kanchan Gogate
  34. Sculptural Depictions of Yogic Postures by Vidyuta K
  35. Yoga Yatra – A Trial to Experience Patanjali’s Astanga Yoga by Amrita J, Sivanandan DS
  36. Mapping the Gaudiya Vaishnava Cultural Heritage of Navadwip by Santanu Dey
  37. The City Of Braj Yatra – Writings On Mathura In The Nineteenth Century by Paridhi David Massey
  38. Ecological Significance of Nāga Worship and Sacred Groves in Kerala by Prashant B
  39. An Investigation Into The Medicinal Systems Of Ancient India And Hawaii by Dr. Bhavana KR
  40. The Mahābhārata: A Summary of the State of Play by André Couture
  41. Origins of Sustainability and Environmentalism in Vedic Philosophy by Shivakumar GV

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article belong to the author. Indic Today is neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in the article.

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