Part 6: Jain Reform Movement

Srimad Rajacandra viewed that #religion is to be a passionless state, devoid of raga and dvesa (aversion and craving). He placed Connection With Self above all else, free from the confines of any philosophical system

Part 5: Jain Reform Movement

For Acarya Bhiksu, the spiritual world is simply the purity of the soul, embodying perfect harmony between means and end, where there is no distinction between action and intention

Part 4: Jain Reform Movement

Lonkasaha was a crusader against idol worship(Murtipuja) within Jainism, sought to bring about reform due to the contradictions he observed between prevalent practices and the pure teachings of the agamas

Part 3: Jain Reform Movement

Religious Reform – What makes Jaina religion non-aggressive? Is it the philosophy of Anekanta & Naya that provides a framework for understanding and implementing religious reforms, making it non-dogmatic and respectful of other religions? Answers to these appropriately explained by author

Part 1: Jain Reform Movement

JainTradition – The introductory part of this article series by Author examines the historical and philosophical development of Jainism, including the lives and teachings of its key figures like Mahavira and Parsvanatha, as well as the doctrinal differences between the Swetambara and Digambara sects, particularly concerning nudity, scriptures & liberation of women.