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Chaitra Navratri Essay Competition (Three and a half Shaktipeethas of Maharashtra)

Shaktipeethas are revered as the most sacred pilgrimage sites for devotees of Goddess Shakti or Devi.  It is believed that the body parts of Sati, Lord Shiva’s consort, fell at different places on earth as he carried her mortal remains all over the universe in grief, after her death.  These places came to be exalted as powerful places of worship. Each Shaktipeeth encapsulates a different aspect of Goddess Shakti, wherein that particular aspect is particularly potent and accessible. In Maharashtra, there are three-and-a-half Shaktipeethas that hold immense significance for the devotees seeking blessings and spiritual purification.

These peethas are Tulajabhavani Temple in Tulajapur, Renuka Devi Temple in Mahur, Goddess Mahalakshmi Temple at Kohlapur, and half Shaktipeetha of Goddess Saptashrungi Devi in Saptashrungi, Nashik.  The above-mentioned temples are all known for their stunning architecture and an aura of divinity, and devotees throng in lakhs every year desiring the ashirvaad of  the Goddess, especially during Navaratri.

The tirtha-kshetras of the three-and-and-a-half Shaktipeethas are believed to be bursting with energy of the Goddess, powerful yet obtainable, and therefore thousands of devotees seek refuge there in thirst of knowledge and inspiration.  Likewise through meditation and tantras, the sadhakas have reported feeling a powerful presence of the Devi at these sacred sites, which is often accompanied by extraordinary spiritual experiences and deep emotional transformations.

Chaitra Navratrotsav is a few weeks away and Indica Today calls for Essays from all Indics for a special competition – “The Spiritual Significance of Three-and-a-half Shaktipeethas of Maharashtra”. This essay competition is primarily centered around the following topics:

  1. The lesser known facts of the Three-and-a-half Shaktipeethas of Maharashtra.
  2. A look into the tantric aspects of these Temples.
  3. Sadhaka’s mystical experiences viz-a-viz their bhakti for the Devi.

Essays may be submitted in two categories:

  1. For the Quick Reads section between 1000 to 1500 words.
  2. For the Long Reads section between 2000 to 3500 words.

Essays can be presented in English, Hindi and Kannada languages.

Last date for submission is March 14, 2023

The Top 5 Essays in each language will be published on our website.

Please send in your entries to

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