Dr. Arvind Kaushik

Dr. Arvind Kaushik has completed his PhD in Philosophy and Religious Studies from University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. Arvind Kaushik’s research interests lie in the domain of culture and religion within Tamil Nadu. His dissertation focuses on the relationship between Saiva Siddhanta and the intellectual roots of Tamil nationalism. Arvind Kaushik completed his PhD under the supervision of Professor Martin Farek, whose specialization is in the field of Vaishnavism. He also completed a research internship in Ghent University, Belgium, under the supervision of Professor Jakob De Roover, who has done extensive research on Secularism in India and its roots in Protestant Christianity.

Arvind Kaushik received his intellectual training under the research program known as the Comparative Science of Cultures started by S.N. Balagangadhara, a former (now retired) professor at Ghent University. This research program studies Western culture against the backdrop of Indian culture.

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